About Me

I’m Muqi a digital technology and tools consultant based in the UK and help organisations and teams implement solutions to improve digital transformation delivery and ways of working.

I have worked with organisations, agencies, startups and solopreneurs across the globe from FTSE 100 companies to Central Government. Having worked in various sectors from publishing houses, advertising agencies to software development. I have been part of projects in the roll-out of technology and tools from SMEs to Enterprises with a global workforce of 100,000+ users. This has allowed me to gain a vast amount of knowledge, experience & best practices in implementing digital technology & tools for digital transformation delivery.

The aforementioned has allowed me to help organisations implement open internet digital technology and tools by taking user needs, user testing and user feedback as the main focus rather than traditional business requirements, commercial & security processes to introduce new ways of working in order to assist Agile digital delivery teams to deliver digital services including improving workforce productivity. In conjunction with the implementation of digital technology and tools, I concentrate on the configuration of making the technology and tools as open as possible by removing barriers and using common sense, rational measures and raising easy to understand cyber awareness by creating updated usage guide, licensing & procurement policies to assist in the organisational change and challenging antiquated internal policies & processes which are not fit for purpose in the 21st-century digital world.

Starting my career in an ITIL framework environment, working with support and infrastructure teams, I have transitioned into Agile methodologies and Evergreen IT framework which has allowed me to get a prospect of both worlds to aid organisations with their transition from legacy technologies and ways of working to digital transformation technology and tooling with an updated strategy.

I have extensive knowledge in Apple hardware/technologies(Apple MDM management implementing the solutions using DEP/zero-touch deployment), Jamf Pro, Google Workspace, Workspace ONE & cloud technologies and tools concentrating on Saas, DaaS, IaaS & PaaS services. I have also worked on many new rollout projects & legacy technology migrations. Having worked in numerous sectors I am skilled in the configuration and implementation of many technologies and tools to adhere to their custom industry requirements from software development tools such as GitHub, Sentry, AWS, DockerHub, Atlassian Jira plus many more to numerous tools used in advertising and publishing agencies such as Adobe CC, UTC, Google Analytics/Tag Manager 360, Google Adwords to DropBox. Furthermore, I have extended experience in the procurement and rolling out of hardware from rolling out the latest tech from BYOD laptops, smartphones, 6k monitors, Wacom/iPad Pro tablets to industry standard infrastructure and production equipment and services for all various job disciplines from developers, product managers to art directors.

I am always constantly learning, keeping up to date with the latest trends and updates in the digital transformation, technology, tools & ways of working space and am part of various networks to make sure I have the most up to date knowledge and best practices. When implementing digital technology and tools I take a conscious approach to reflect on how the configuration and implementation of these tools will affect and improve digital delivery and ways of working of the workforce by implementing new policies & processes, automation, API's/scripts, webhook's, plugins & integrations, self serve and aiming for a zero support model. I am able to thrive working independently or in an Agile multidisciplinary team and am often working closely with various disciplines from digital technical architects, designers to heads of professions.

I also run a blog where I share my thoughts and strategies related to digital transformation, technology, tools and ways of working.

On a weekly basis, I publish my newsletter with my latest blog post, along with interesting articles/videos that I have come across relating to digital transformation, technology, tools and ways of working.

If you have any questions or are interested in working with me, please feel free to contact me.

My current interests and learning:

  • Digital Transformation & Digital Delivery
  • Cloud Technologies & aaS (as a Service model)
  • Digital Business models/policies/processes & organisational change
  • Ways of Working & Workforce Productivity
  • Off Shore Hosting & Privacy
  • Information Security
  • Automation


I hugely value receving feedback. It helps me to reflect, learn and grow.